First Visit – Appointment Types

Preventive Maintenance

We reserve the 8:00am and the 4:30pm appointment times each day for new patients to receive a thorough cleaning by our hygienist, complete diagnostic x-rays, comprehensive exam, and optional fluoride.  Of course, if this time is not convenient for you, we will find the soonest opening that works with your schedule.

Problem Focused or Emergency

If you have had a cleaning in the past 6 months, but are having concerns about a specific issue, then a Limited Exam may be best for you. We will take one or two x-rays and you will receive a problem focused exam.

Consultation or 2nd Opinion

Come, meet our doctors, have a tour of the office, get a free second opinion, learn about options and available services, or receive a price quote.

Family Friendly Cleanings

Monday afternoons are reserved for larger families who would like to get their teeth cleaned without spending hours at the office or making multiple trips.  Within 45 minutes, we can have up to 5 patients, each in their own room, with their own movie, getting their teeth cleaned, all at the same time.


Forms and Information

As with every healthcare office, there are a number of forms that need to be read and filled out before your first visit. If you would like to complete these tasks before you come in, click here to view and print them. You will need Adobe Reader.

New Patient Forms